Leon E. Popovitz, MD, NYC’s top orthopedic shoulder surgeon and co-founder of New York Bone & Joint Specialists, will provide you with comprehensive orthopedic shoulder care. Dr. Popovitz specializes in the treatment of shoulder pain and shoulder surgery and strives to provide top-notch orthopedic shoulder care, boasting expertise in both non-surgical and surgical treatment options for shoulder injuries.

Dr. Popovitz is an internationally recognized specialist in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, arthroscopic surgery of the knee, and sports medicine. Honored to have been an orthopedic surgeon for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, Dr. Popovitz regularly treats athletes of all levels.

New York Magazine has listed Dr. Popovitz as one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons in NYC, while the New York Times lists Dr. Popovitz among the top orthopedic surgeons in its Superdoctors list. The Consumer Research Council of America ranks Dr. Popovitz among the Top Surgeons, Top Orthopedic Surgeons and Top Physicians since 2004. Dr. Popovitz has also been inducted into the Leading Physicians of the World by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals.

Each of the New York Bone & Joint centers bring together expert specialists across multiple fields of orthopedic surgery, all of whom display the same level of dedication to the wellbeing of their patients. The ultimate goal of New York Bone & Joint Specialists is to provide impeccable care and peace of mind to every single patient we treat.

Why Choose NJ Bone & Joint Shoulder Specialists?

  • Access to world-class joint specialists
  • Compassionate care for a range of conditions
  • Comprehensive treatment, from diagnosis to recovery
  • Surgical interventions coupled with conservative treatment ensure a complete recovery for every patient

What We Treat

Shoulder Sprains & Strains – A sprain affects the ligaments that connect bones, while a strain affects the tendons that connect muscle to bone. Both generally respond well to conservative treatments, including rest, icing, compression, and physical therapy.

Shoulder Dislocations – A shoulder is dislocated when the ball of the shoulder joint is forced out of the socket, generally after a traumatic injury. Treatment depends on the extent of the injury.

Shoulder Impingement / Tendinitis – Also referred to as shoulder impingement, tendonitis is almost always the product of bone spurs. Activities including swimming, tennis, baseball, or any other sport involving frequent overhand motions can exacerbate the condition.

Biceps Tendonitis / Biceps Instability – Bicipital tendonitis is an inflammation of one of the tendons that connect the biceps to the shoulder. It most commonly affects the upper tendon, which joins the biceps and the socket of the shoulder joint. The condition is often accompanied by other disorders such as rotator cuff tears, labral tears, shoulder impingement, and biceps subluxation.

Rotator Cuff Tears – A rotator cuff tear is a rupture of the tendons in the shoulder which are responsible for raising the arm. Though commonly associated with professional athletes, this condition can affect anyone, either as a result of trauma or simple wear and tear. Your orthopedic specialist will generally recommend a conservative course of treatment, followed by surgical intervention if symptoms have not subsided.

SLAP / Shoulder Labral Tears – A SLAP tear or shoulder labral tear is an injury to the labrum, which is the soft rim of cartilage that lines the shoulder socket. The most common treatment for this injury is a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure followed by several weeks of physical therapy.

AC Joint Osteolysis / Weightlifter’s Shoulder – This orthopedic condition is characterized by a series of small fractures along the end of the collarbone. As the name suggests, it most commonly occurs in weightlifters and heavy laborers.

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