Rupesh Tarwala, MD, is one of NYC’s top orthopedic surgeons. As New York Bone & Joint Specialists’ resident expert on hip conditions, he’s guided hundreds of patients through surgery and rehabilitation with care and compassion at every stage of the process.

Dr. Tarwala is an internationally respected authority on hip surgery. He’s been honored with prestigious fellowships at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, the Ohio State University Columbus, Aria 3B Orthopedic Specialists in Philadelphia, and Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Specializing in hip labral tears, hip impingement, and hip bursitis, Dr. Tarwala applies the same attentive and compassionate approach to all of his patients.

Each of the New York Bone & Joint centers bring together expert specialists across multiple fields of orthopedic surgery, all of whom display the same level of dedication to the wellbeing of their patients. The ultimate goal of New York Bone & Joint Specialists is to provide impeccable care and peace of mind to every single patient we treat.

Why Choose NJ Bone & Joint Hip Doctors?

  • Access to world-class joint specialists
  • Compassionate and comprehensive care for a range of conditions, from diagnosis to recovery
  • Conservative treatment coupled with expert surgical interventions ensure a complete recovery for every patient

What We Treat

Hip Arthroscopy – Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure performed to diagnose and repair a number of injuries affecting the hip. This procedure results in shorter recovery timelines and reduces the risk of complications associated with open surgery.

Total Hip Replacement – A total hip replacement entails the complete replacement of the hip joint with an artificial prosthesis. It can be an effective treatment for patients with advanced arthritis in the hip.

Hip Labral Tears – A hip labral tear is a rupture of the acetabular labrum, which is the cartilage surrounding the socket of the hip joint. Often caused by hip impingement, it can result in a sense of stiffness, weakness, or instability in the affected hip, greatly limiting the patient’s range of motion.

Hip Impingement – Hip impingement refers to an abnormal degree of friction between the bones in the hip joint, usually created by an imperfect fit between the head of the femur (the ball) and acetabulum (the socket). The bones can then irritate the surrounding cartilage or bursae, causing significant pain.

Hip Bursitis – Hip bursitis is an inflammation of a bursa — a sac of fluid between the bones and soft tissues — in the hip. Frequently caused by hip impingement, it can deprive the hip of a complete range of motion, preventing it from functioning properly.

Hip Dislocation – A dislocated hip arises when the head of the femur is partially or completely dislodged from the acetabulum. Like other dislocations, it results in severe pain and severely restricts the patient’s ability to use the joint.

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